Tasting Notes: Prune, Green Cage with notes of Vanilla and Sponge Cake Sweetness


Altitude: 1600-1700


Process: Washed


Location: Mozonte, Neuva Segovia


Varietal: Java


Lot Details: In 2012 Mariano Montealegre bought the land on which Los Nubarrones now lay on, the farm is 5.6 hectares with rich sandy and loam soil and the cioffees is grown under the shade of Liquidambar, pine trees and guava.From the start Mariano and his partner Emir have planted only Java trees and commenced to run the farmLos Nubarrones is located near Cerro Mogoton, the highest elevation in Nicaragua, the location of the farm is remote and very difficult to reach; the view from Los Nubarrones is truly magnificent but as of today there is no road yet that would link the farm to the road net in the area.

Nicaragua Los Nubarrones

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  • Single Origin Coffee | Harvested from a single geographical origin


    Light-Medium Roast | To preserve unique flavours and characteristics


    Most Suitable for Cafetiere and Filter


    Highly Recommended for those who drink their coffee black!