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Tasting Notes: Sweet Lemon, Dark Chocolate, Caramel with a Spicy Gingerbread Finish


Altitude: 1800-2200 


Process: Washed


Location: San Fernando, Inkawasi District, Cusco,Peru


Varietal: Mixed


Lot Details:

These coffees originate from what was once the Inca empire in Peru from the region of Cusco.

The coffee plantations are located under the snowy Choqesafra valley of the Inkawasi district.

Here the indegenous farmers follow in the footsteps of their ancestors working in harmony with the environment and mother earth.The coffees are grown under shade covering with close attention paid to the health of the soils and irrigation to help the coffee trees thrive.


These coffees are made up from two Cooperatives Valle Incahuasi and Cooperativa San Fernando. The quality of the coffees from this region is well known and in 2020 one of their producers from Incahuasi placed 1st in the Cup of Excellence with a washed geisha lot.

Peru San Fernando

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  • Single Origin Coffee | Harvested from a single geographical origin


    Light-Medium Roast | To preserve unique flavours and characteristics


    Most Suitable for Cafetiere and Filter


    Highly Recommended for those who drink their coffee black!

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